Rugby Outlet Mall Launches To Grow Rugby Culture Lifestyle

I am so proud to announce the official launch of our new digital store, Rugby Outlet Mall.

I know that to many people, it may seem like an odd time to launch a commerce store during these tough times, but I believe that there couldn’t be a better time.

The Rugby Outlet Mall is not trying to be just another merchandise, or kit store where your on-field needs are serviced. We are focusing on bringing people to the heart of rugby, which is in the culture, connection, and sense of freedom. The Rugby Outlet Mall is a place where we curate the best products that represent rugby culture and an understanding of why it is so impactful.

In the time that I have been covering rugby, I have had the fortune of being able to meet and talk to so many people from all walks of life. So many people of different cultures and from many different countries. Throughout these interactions, I have found that while we may have differing views of how life is lived on a day to day basis, through rugby, we find we all share similar beliefs and traditions that connect us in the sport.

That shared understanding is what we know as “rugby culture”. The belief in the idea that when we play the game, we leave it all out on the field. Where there is always time to share a drink and a moment with our opponent after the game. The belief that no matter your shape, size, sexuality, culture, or belief systems, there is always a place for you on the team and a way to contribute. That no matter who you are, when you’re on the pitch, we’re all playing the same game, even if we’re going about it in different ways. And of course, no matter how skilled and talented you may be, you still need the support of those around you, because together you all can win.

The Rugby Outlet Mall won’t be for everyone, but it will make impacts on everyone. Whether you’re just entering in to the rugby culture life or have been a long time veteran, I believe the Rugby Outlet Mall will be there to service your needs so you can live the best rugby life. A rugby life that provides you freedom and connection, so yu can achieve whatever you desire.

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